Cold treats for the babe

To say it’s been a little warm these past few days is an understatement! And by the weather predictions it doesn’t look like it will be cooling down anytime soon! I personally love the heat and am totally a summer person as oppose to any other season but it’s been a little bit more difficult keeping the baby cool and hydrated during these warmer than usual temperatures we’ve been having in Nova Scotia.

Since  Baby B is only 10 months old we are trying to limit the amount of sugar that she is consuming on a daily basis and don’t want to be feeding her ice cream to keep cool. She has had a few tastes and does absolutely LOVE it but I wanted to find something healthier for her to enjoy. So a few weeks ago when we had our first heatwave in Nova Scotia I took it upon myself to make her a nice cold snack/dessert that was both healthy, tasty and cold for her to eat.  During the winter I had purchase these molds and was excited to try them out!

Here’s the recipe of our cold treats:

As you can see someone clearly LOVES them!

As always if you try my recipes please let me know as I would love to hear your feedback!

Keep cool!

Until next time,