My 5 favourite coffee shops in Halifax


Since opening my business, KA Social Media, in September 2014 I quickly came to the conclusion that being an entrepreneur and being self-employed means that you’re going to be spending A LOT of time in coffee shops. Since I’ve never really been a fan of coffee, even the smell of coffee this has been a work in progress to find the best local hot spots to hang out , eat and better yet work in!

Here’s my Top 5 favourite coffee shops in Halifax that you can often find me hanging out at:

1- Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market  I absolutely fell in love with The Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market from the first time I stepped inside when it first opened. Prior to opening my business most of my visits would be on the hustle and bustle of Saturday market days enjoying some wine samples, gorging on the various local flavours and people watching. Now a days you can often find me having client meetings, having lunch/coffee with a friend throughout the week or simply tucked away upstairs in a corner with my laptop and my earphones while sipping on a tasty smoothie from SpringHouse Inc ( Formerly Fruition) or stuffing my face with my favourite pie from North Mountain Pie.

2- Just Us Coffee- King’s Wharf For many people Just Us Coffee in King’s Wharf is still a mystery, for me it’s been a weekly or monthly occurrence even before KA Social Media was created. This coffee shop is a great spot for a business meeting, a catch up with a friend but is also quiet enough that you can plug in and get work done. I love their selection of hot or iced teas as well as baked goods. Bonus for this coffee shop is the easy access parking and the wonderful view of Halifax

3- Humani-T Cafe- Hydrostone Humani-T cafe is another great local spot that had I’ve been frequenting for years! The food, the atmosphere and the overall feel always makes me feel at home. Whether you grab a table in the main cafe/health food section or are lucky enough to grab a seat upstairs or on the patio you will not regret your visit. The peach tea and the peanut butter balls are my absolute favourite when visiting Humani-T cafe!

4- Bedford Farmers Market Cafe The Bedford Farmers Market is a fairly new addition to the coffee shop scene. I’ve only been on a number of occasion but I do really like the feel and the atmosphere. There is various parking options, the cafe menu has lots of options and the view is beyond amazing! If you haven’t been yet do yourself a favour, grab a hot drink and my fave sweet, a Nanaimo square, head upstairs and take in the view!

5- Pavia at Halifax Central Library The Halifax Central Library is such a great addition for Halifax! I don’t get there nearly as much as I would like but I’m a very happy entrepreneur when I do make it! I simply LOVE walking each floor, looking at the books/videos and more importantly people watching. When I’m there for a few hours I love grabbing one of Pavia’s tasty cookies , a blueberry tea while plugging away or simply browsing the internet.

While there’s many other coffee shops that I frequent on a regular basis these are by far my favorites! What are your favourite spots to grab a coffee with a friend, a client meeting or to sit back and work for a few hours?

Until next time,