My January Goals

As far back as I can remember I have always looked forward to January. It is the perfect time of year to review last year’s goals and to think of the new year ahead.

Time to Reflect

I enjoy sitting back to review my daytimer to remind myself of all the fun things I had done in the past year. It also inspires me to think of all the new things I want to accomplish in the year ahead, like spending more time with friends and family. There is so much I want to show Baby B in the year ahead.

The Best Part

The highlight of all of this for me is choosing a brand new yearly planner. Over the years I have tried many and quickly realized what my planner needs to have and what features I cannot live without.  Last year I discovered the  Erin Condren Life Planner. Now, I’m officially hooked!  This year’s planner is so pretty and I couldn’t wait to dig in to start writing my goals for the year.

There is just something about physically writing down goals, plans, to-do lists and having a pretty colourful shiny new book with stickers. YES, stickers. I love to colour code all the fun stuff! And as you can see, planning for the month or the year always needs to include some tasty treats for the encouragement and motivation, right?

More to Come

I’m still planning out my 2018 goals ( personal, financial and professional) and have decided not to overwhelm myself.  I am focusing primarily on my goals for the month of January and will take baby steps into the New Year.

Putting what I want out into the universe is also a big part of my plan for 2018 which is why I am sharing my goals for January with you here on the blog.

  1. Get back to exercising 3-5 times a week. This took a back burner at about the 5-month pregnancy mark. I plan to do 20-30 minutes workout videos at home. Some of my favorite include Turbo Jam, Cize and yoga.
  2. Get back to eating healthy 4-6 days a week. We are pretty good but like most people, there have been far too many “treats” over the last few months. Physically and mentally I feel 100% better when I follow a clean eating lifestyle.
  3.  Have at least 1 family outing per week, where the 3 of us as a family do something together. It can be a trip to the market, lunch, the movies, a little road trip/getaway but something fun the 3 of us can do together. My husband is on paternity leave until June, therefore, we are embracing our this time together.
  4. Clean my email inbox! It’s a disaster and somehow it keeps getting up to 500 emails. I want it to be at 50 or fewer emails making things more manageable.
  5. Blog at least once a week. The ideas and content are endless for me. My brain honestly never stops I simply need to put it in my pretty planner and go check once a week.
  6. Read more. More business books, more blog posts, more parenting/baby books and more personal books. Less wasting time and more reading.
  7. Sleep 6-8 hours a night. Easier said than done, I know. But it is a must.
  8. Sleep train Baby B to actually nap in her crib during the day and sleep a solid 8 hours a night (She’s almost there)!
  9. Meal Prep and meal planning. I always start the year off great and somehow it falls off the schedule. Back to meal prep Sunday for us.
  10. Listen to more podcast.

Well, that does seem like a lot of goals, maybe these are my 2018 goals and not just January?? Who knows but it feels good to write them down. Have you set goals for the month or for the year? I’d love to hear about them.

Until next time,