5 things to do this weekend under $10


January always seems to be a difficult time for many. The holidays for some people have worn you out mentally, physically and in most cases financially!

Normally this time of year the colder weather has set in  and in most households you would find people hibernating, watching Netflix, reading and simply avoiding the cold and avoiding spending money! However Halifax  has been having very abnormal warm weather, like I went for a walk in capris and sweatshirt yesterday on January 11th! At one point my car temperature was 13 degrees! This is very much out of the norm.

For these reasons above I suggest you get outside this weekend and plan a little adventure without breaking the bank.

Here’s 5 things to do this weekend under $10

1) Visit your local farmers market, my favorite being Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market

2) Go to your favorite coffee shop and catch up with a friend.  To find out where I like to spend my time check out my post  My 5 favorite coffee shops in Halifax 

3) Go for a walk at a local park! Grab the dog, your family or simply go for a nice long walk by yourself. Some of my favorite parks nearby being  Shubie, Point Pleasant Park and Graham Grove Park.

4) Plan an impromptu potluck or games night with family or friends.

5) Visit the new Halifax Convention Centre  for their welcome weekend celebrations.

If you decide to take any of my suggestions please feel free to tag me in your pictures and stories! I’d love to see your adventures.

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