Baby B’s 1st time in the snow

Even though the rest of Nova Scotia and the Maritime provinces have been dealing with massive amounts of snow Halifax really didn’t see any until this week. Baby B was super pumped when we showed her the snow and told her she would FINALLY get to use her sled that she got from her grandparents for Christmas.










Wednesday’s continuing snow was perfect to try out the sled and see how Baby B would react to her first snow. We were so excited, we got her all dressed up, got her in her sled and before we were even out the door she fell asleep! I guess having that much layers on may feel as cosy as when she was inside me? Who knows, it was funny and cute and we decided we were going to venture outside anyway and see if she woke up.

We first ventured to the backyard and then for a little walk on our street. Thankfully we don’t live on a busy street and we were able to walk pretty much in the middle of the road ( don’t tell the cops!).

Since Baby B loves being in the car and in her stroller we weren’t surprised that she was sleeping during our whole adventure but as new parents we really wanted to see her reaction to snow.

When we got back to the house we saw a few movements so we took the opportunity to take her out of her sled and see her reaction. As you can see not overly impressed but not crying so we called it a win! She’s a really good baby overall so we weren’t surprised. She’s adapted to our life and is a very easy going baby.

Now that the snow seems to be here to stay we are looking forward to trying the pelican sled a few more times. So far it’s working great for us and seems to be the perfect little first sled for Baby B. Next time we will venture to a trail or park. Any suggestions in the Dartmouth area that are flat? We look forward to your suggestions!


Until next time,