Mommy & Baby workout with Port City Strollers

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m a gym junkie. With that being said, before getting pregnant with Baby B I had lost and maintained 25 pounds with clean eating and exercising.  But like a lot of people, my gym membership became a nice little yearly donation to a place I never really went to.

In 2013 after years of being bloated and having put on way more weight than I care to admit I reached my breaking point. Which is why I began paying more attention to the food that I choose to put in my body. I started incorporating clean eating and more movement. By that I mean I began doing 20-30 minutes of exercise at home via a workout video. With these healthy practices, I lost and maintained that 25 pounds.

Fast forward to January 2017 when I decided to lose another 10-20 pounds before getting pregnant. I joined a challenge group and was feeling great mentally, physically and emotionally. I was losing inches but the weight for some reason wasn’t coming off. I finally realized on March 1 why that was. I took a pregnancy test and yes, I was pregnant. So much for trying to lose weight! I was, however, able to work out until about week 28. It was at that point when the numbness in my legs took over. I did eat fairly healthy throughout my pregnancy and gained 38 pounds overall. I was fine with that number being that it was my first pregnancy.

After a full weekend of labour Baby B arrived via c-section on October 1st at 6 pounds 7 oz and 19 inches. Compared to my other surgery (that’s a story for another time) this recovery was so much easier. I still knew that I shouldn’t push myself too much and for the 6 weeks after her birth, I did light exercising such as short walk and climbing the stairs in our home. At my 6-week follow-up appointment, I was given the okay to resume my regular exercise.

Now the big decision ahead of me would be my next steps when it came to exercise? Workout videos at home? Walks with Baby B? Take a class somewhere in town? Thankfully my friend Heidi at Itsy Bitsy Haligonians posted this article about Port City Strollers which definitely  sparked my interest.  A workout that got both of us out of the house seemed perfect to me!

The instructor was offering 2 free classes at first but unfortunately, we couldn’t make it. Even after that, it was still on my mind and I really wanted to try this class. I saw my friend Heather post about 2 new upcoming  free classes at one of my favourite spots in town the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market . If this wasn’t a sign that I should be attending the class I’m not sure what was!

January 26th Baby B & I got in our workout clothes and headed to the market with our bottles (water for me, milk for Baby B) in hand! We met the owner of Port City Strollers, Courtney and what a sweetheart. There were about 20 other moms and babies which at first seemed overwhelming. To say the first big workout since having the baby was hard is an understatement.  But seeing all the other moms and babies was totally inspiring. We both had a blast and will be adding this weekly workout to our schedule! 


If you’re a new Mom looking to get out of the house and get some exercise this is a great place to start! The price is very reasonable and the other ladies are super friendly.

Find out more about upcoming classes and pricing by visiting

Port City Strollers.

Baby B and I hope to see you out on the mat!

Until next time,


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