2019’s Word of The Year

Originally this post was scheduled to go live January 1, 2019. Like many aspects of my life, it didn’t go as planned and in 2019 I’m learning to be more forgiving to myself and simply accept it.  To believe that what NEEDS to happen will happen. So I present to you my word of the year on whatever day we are (Has anyone’s brain really gone back to regular scheduling after the holidays?).

Do you choose a word of the year as oppose to a new year’s resolution? For many years I choose a new year’s resolution and like many FAILED hard!  Things FINALLY changed 3 years ago when I heard about people, especially entrepreneurs, choosing a word versus a resolution. For the last 3 years I have chosen a word and can say that I have been much more successful than when choosing a resolution. Yes I want to be healthier, Yes I want to lose weight, Yes I want to eat cleaner, Yes I want to spend more time with family & friends, Yes I want more “me” time, Yes I want to be happy daily, Yes I want to travel more, Yes I want to have less stuff and have more experiences but in all honesty all those “wants” should be happening year-round and not simply at the start of the year and then failing miserably within a month or so.  For me personally choosing a word and remembering why I choose it is seems much more feasible and doable than a resolution.

Wondering what word, I have chosen in the past? In 2017 it was No excuses and in 2018 it was Balance.

2017 was pretty successful! If I didn’t want to do something I simply said no. I didn’t try to come up with an excuse or say yes when I really would have preferred to be doing something else. If it didn’t fit in my “yes” bucket or I wasn’t excited about the opportunity than it was a no! 2018’s word “Balance” well that was a whole other ballgame! Having a newborn at home (B was born October 1, 2017) plus maintaining my company was harder than I anticipated. Even though my husband was on paternity leave for 9 months and was home to help out, Mom brain fully took over and simple little things became hard for me. I started self-doubting EVERYTHING and that effected both my personal and my professional life. Guilt became a huge part of my 2018 which made it hard to achieve balance. No matter what I was doing I had guilt of some sort, Mom guilt when I was working and working guilt when I was with the baby, guilt to my clients for not working hard enough, guilt to my family & friends for not seeing them and guilt to B when I wasn’t with her. It was a whole year of guilt sadly! I was rough on my body, my mind and my overall self. I lost faith in myself and started letting the little voices in my head tell me that I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t doing enough, I wasn’t smart enough (you know the drill it goes on!) and it left me defeated on a regular basis.  When my doctor told me at the end of September 2018 that a full blown burnout was about to happen I knew things had to change. I took some time and really listened to my body, my mind and my heart and made some big decisions for 2019.  Here’s a quote that lead me to my word for 2019.

The word I choose for 2019 is BELIEVE.  I vow to shut the little voices in my head and to become a better, stronger and more empowered me!  In order to accomplish this I need to BELIEVE! I need to believe in the process, I need to BELIEVE there is something/someone stronger than me guiding me in life, I need to BELIEVE that whatever is supposed to happen will happen and most important I need to start BELIEVING in myself again. The last one being the hardest! To help me achieve my goal/word for 2019 I have found a few random quotes that really hit home and that I will keep repeating to myself until I BELIEVE them:

Believe in yourself & You will be unstoppable

If you believe in yourself…. Anything is possible

Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will

Good things are coming. Just keep believing.

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

I’m at my happiest when I’m near the ocean and lakes and plan to spend way more time in my happy places in 2019!

Have you chosen your word for 2019? I’d love to hear about it!

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