Alexander Keith’s Brewery- The perfect date night for the beer love

Is there somewhere in your own town that you keep saying ” We should do that!” or ” Why haven’t we done this yet”? Life happens and people get busy. Often we make plans to tour a neighbouring town or even a country but forget about the amazing things that exist within minutes from our own homes. In many situations we even need someone visiting from away to be a tourist in our own town.

Since hubby & I have been together we have made a pact to be tourists in our own town of Halifax on a regular basis. We try to visit spots that interest us both or somewhere that one of us has not been. My hubby has had a place on his bucket list since he moved to Halifax over 10 years ago! This year he put that place on his Christmas list and voila Santa wifey made it happen!  That place for my husband was the  Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour.

Since becoming parents, date nights have become a little non-existent so we were super pumped when we lined up a babysitter and close friends for a night out on the town! Want a little preview of what the tour looks like? This promo video found on the Alexander Keith’s Tour website is a perfect idea of what happens during the tour :

The tour was super fun and delivered more than I remembered. The tour itself last about 50 minutes and takes you through the brewery giving you beer samples along the way and Mr Keith’s story which is pretty spectacular knowing that he started this business over 200 years ago! A pretty good bargain for $30!  My hubby who has been making his own beer, wine and cider for over 10 years absolutely loves seeing the behind the scenes of such successful breweries as he still dreams to one day own a brewery.

Once the tour was over we weren’t ready to head home just yet! We took our fun to the Red Stag Tavern for dinner as well as more beer samples as you receive one sample with your entry to the Keith’s tour. Our crew decided on the following for our meal:


The red stag was just as delicious as I remembered. We left the brewery with full bellies and happy new memories! If you haven’t done the Keith’s tour yet I suggest you put it on your bucket list for your next adventure with your significant other or friends!

Until next time,